The neutralization of the fumes generated by the various chemical processes is carried out by conveying the fumes into specific washing columns (towers or scrubbers). The fumes are sprayed inside the washing columns with a neutralizing solution, with the aim of reducing the presence of non-organic gaseous pollutants such as hydrochloric acid and / or nitrogen oxide.

The systems consist of one or more scrubbers (single-stage or two-stage). The size of the plant is calculated on the basis of the capacity of the fumes to be neutralized, according to the current regulations in terms of atmospheric emissions.

logo tabelle BT SCRB 400 BT SCRB 740 BT SCRB 900 BT SCRB 1200
Model BT-SCRB-400 BT-SCRB-740 BT-SCRB-900 BT-SCRB-1200
Flow 800 m3/h Min 800 m3/h Min 1.200 m3/h Min 2.000 m3/h
Power supply 220 V – 50 Hz – 1ph 380 V – 50 Hz – 3ph
Power 1 kW* 2 kW* 3 kW* 5 kW*
Dimensions LxPxH [mm] 800 x 900 x 2.600 1.500 x 1.000 x 3.000 2.000 x 2.000 x 5.000 2.200 x 2.200 x 3.000
* depending on the configuration / devices installed

In addition to the neutralization treatment, we realize the plant for the fume pre-treatment, which is particularly effective in the presence fumes containing Nox, emitted by nitric-based processes (such as the inquartation of gold alloys, production of AgNO3 silver nitrate or similar processes).

The fumes abatement towers can be equipped with process automation devices: chemical product dosing instruments, pH reading and regulation and conductivity probe for unloading and automatic reintegration. All these instruments are mounted on a control board, with a user-friendly configuration.

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