Metal casting or laser incision of jewellery items generates dry fumes and powder which can be treated to recover metal particles present. This physical separation is performed with cartridge filter units.

This metal particles recovery from powders and dry fumes is of extreme importance for the economy of the goldsmith sector processes.

We provides cartridge filter with air compressed based cleaning systems, like the following:

  • cartridge filters units for lead oxides generated by cupellation furnaces
  • cartridge and / or sleeve filter units for foundry
  • cartridge filters for laser processing
logo tabelle BT FC 01 T BT FC 02
Model BT-FC-01T BT-FC-02
Number of cartridge 1 2
Filtering surface 10 m3 20 m3
Filter material Polyester
Power supply 220V /380 V – 50 Hz 380 V - 50 Hz
Power 0,75 kW 1,5 kW
Dimensions [mm] 500 x 500 x 1850 H 850 x 900 x 1925 H

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