Plants for the production of Gold Potassiun Cyanide K[Au(CN)2]

Closed circuit plants that allow the production of the salt and the recovery of the precious metals from the mother liquor.

We realizes plants of different capacity from 3 kg to 10 kg per batch.

Plants are made of:

  • An electrolytic cell for gold dissolving and preparation of the gold potassium cyanide solution, connected to a rectifier
  • A crystallization unit for the transformation of the gold potassium cyanide solution into salt, connected to a chiller unit
  • An electrolytic cell used for the recovery of gold from the mother liquors, connected to a rectifier.
Gold potassium cyanide production
logo tabelle BT GPC 003 BT GPC 010
Model BT-GPC-003 BT-GPC-010
Capacity Max 3 kg / cycle Max 10 kg / cycle
Power supply 400 V 50 Hz trifase 400 V 50 Hz trifase
Power 4 kW 8 kW
Dimensions 1.500 x 1.600 x 2.000 2.000 x 2.000 x 2.300
Product code External diameter [mm] Internal diameter [mm] Height [mm]
00009304 73 59 305*
00009306 111 92 220
00009311 200 180 380

* customizable

In addition to the standard models, always available in stock, we are able to supply products with customized dimensions (diameter / thickness / height).

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